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"Breeding Best in Show Tibetan Terriers for temperament, health, structure, and natural versatility."
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We are the first AKC TT Breeder to be Approved as Bred with H.E.A.R.T.



Email us today to get on our waiting list for 2018 upcoming litters.  We will be publishing a waiting list page soon so that you can track where you are in the process. 
Evaluations are complete and these babies are ready to go!



Milli & Annie are available!


***We are committed to our dogs from birth until they cross the bridge.  Our level of commitment is unsurpassed by any breeder - that we guarantee.  Please reach out with any issues.***
and give us a call: 480 390 3496, 786 586 4330.

We raise our dogs using a combination of science and 40 years of breeding and canine experience.  We provide Avidog Adventure boxes and Puppy Culture methodology during puppies' first 10 weeks.   Avidog Puppy Evaluation Tests are performed to help us choose the perfect puppy for you!



May we suggest that while you are looking at websites for a companion regardless of breed, that you really look at every element of the websites.  Look at the breeder - does he or she have a job besides breeding dogs.  If not, they are by definition a business.  Breeding puppies should never be someone's means of making their primary living.  Ethics and morals are put aside in an effort to make money.  Look at the puppies...are the eyes happy and expressions open and hopeful, are they clean (of course, we all have pics of our white TTs playing in the mud!); are their coats shiny and healthy, does the coat look dull and lacking in the legs and feet?  Look at the background in the photos - is the area clean?  If the photos are always closely cropped - wonder why.  You will want your breeder to be ACTIVELY showing whether in obedience and/or conformation because that shows that they are actively seeking a judge's approval (a crosscheck so to speak) that their breeding program is on the right track. Does your breeder have a career (check LinkdIn) or is breeding all they have really ever done?  You will want to ask your breeder for their veterinary reference and you will want to talk to their vet.  Make sure that the breeder is a member of the TTAA and/or TTCA - National Breed Clubs and that they are currently showing and genetically testing all breeding dogs.  If that information is not provided to you, wonder why.  Puppy people references are fine, but you will want to take them with a grain of salt.  Many breeders do not post any negative comments. Make sure the puppy is fully guaranteed and that you receive registration papers without an extra charge.  A breeder who charges for papers is selling puppies for breeding and it is our opinion that they are puppymills.  Puppies should not be sold to be bred.  When looking for a companion puppy expect that a responsible breeder will give you AKC registration papers for no extra charge that are "Limited" - meaning the puppy cannot be bred.   Make sure that the sire and dam have been health tested and have certifications from the OFA for hip dysplasia, CERF or OFA  for eyes, and genetic tests for PLL, JRD, NCL, and smooth if not clear by parentage.  Records are public so if you have the full name of the sire or dam, you can find that information at .   If there is no information or no recent information...choose another breeder regardless of how inexpensive a puppy is.  

See our "Planned Breedings" page for possible upcoming litters.

A note from one of our owners...   
Dear Susan and Marty,
I cannot thank you enough for saving the life of our Ditto. I never imagined that a dog breeder would go to such great lengths to support the life of the dog that they bred and ensure that it was able to remain in its forever home, but you both stand behind the incredible dogs that you breed!  I've owned a few dog breeds in my life but I've never bonded with a breed or a particular dog the way I
and my whole family has bonded with Ditto. Tibetan Terriers are truly the most endearing breed of dog I've ever met. Ditto is a true clown, and makes us all laugh on a regular basis. I love her to pieces, and consider her our "third child". Though she had only been a part of our family for about 10 months when she became ill we were all devastated that we couldn't financially do what was needed to save her life. The thought of losing her was heartbreaking and I will never forget your kindness and generosity for saving her. She is now almost two months beyond that surgery day and it is beyond joy to see our Ditto fully recovered and acting like her clownish, sweet self.  I knew we had Ditto back when I went to use the ice machine on our refrigerator and at the first sound of the ice Ditto came running and parked herself right next to me waiting for her ice too. It was her regular routine, but I hadn't seen her do this since before she was ill, and I started crying because I was so thrilled that she was her old self again!  So thank you, a thousand times, thank you from our hearts and Ditto's too!

-Bree, Travis, Ellie and Langley

We have puppies available for therapy, companionship and competition sports.  Please call or email for availability for puppies under 3 months as we do not include babies on our website.  We always encourage you to visit and meet us and our dogs, ask questions, and leave without a commitment.  

Additionally - all puppies will be tattooed or microchipped and have had a full vet check, crate trained depending on age, fully guaranteed (see Guarantee here).  All parents are CHAMPIONS unless otherwise noted.  We naturally rear so that you can be assured of a healthy immune system and a strong happy puppy.  We feed naturally and do not use chemicals.  We do not guarantee that any dog will be 100% housetrained.  We have a lot of dogs in the house.  If someone makes a mistake on a potty pad, we are not always sure who it was so we cannot always make a correction.  With the exception of young babies, all the older pups and adults are crate trained.  

We are offering most of our young adult and champion adult TTs for placement to exceptional homes as we concentrate more on performance and therapy as opposed to the conformation ring.  With so many TTs showing in the New England states we no longer have to take 4-6 dogs to a show to make points.  We can concentrate on one at a time which is much more fun for us and the dogs.  We are also looking for homes for our rescue TTs.  Photos will be posted on as we have the opportunity to take them.  With a few exceptions the dogs have excellent house manners, are crate trained, are healthy and happy and have been well loved.  Many of the dogs have not been bred (produced) by us and for those we cannot provide a health guarantee.  Those that we have bred will be covered under the guarantee shown on this website.  

Older puppies and adults currently available:
Wicked - black white gold 
Milli - black gold white
Annika - black gold white
Geordie - sable and white - bred by another
Nila - white black gold
Bangle - white and black - bred by another
Stormie - black and white
Mitsy - white
Novel - Sable and white


Kven - CH Karamain Viking Kven (Finnish Import) - Born 6/2014.  Kven is neutered, in short coat, retired and ready to go.  Kven is from the Karamain Kennel in Finland (bred by Tuula Platham). We imported Kven in 2014 in hopes that he would have longevity here.  Breeding any animal is a learning or should be a learning for a breeder - what works and what does not.  Kven wasn't the right match for our program so we neutered him in 2016. Kven bonds quickly to his caretaker and is a happy, joyful dog in the presence of his owners.  Familiarity with the breed required.  We prefer a home in the Atlantic states to keep him close.  A newly retired owner with no children or other male dogs is highly preferred.  Kven can be possessive of affection time and  will discourage other dogs from getting love while he is.  Because of this - we prefer someone who understands that behavior. 


Special Requirements and Rescues

Ben - would do best in a home where he is the only dog or one of a few, where he has a fenced yard to romp vs taking him to a dog park situation.   He needs an experienced owner who doesn't allow him to be overly protective.  He does make a great guard dog. He is a super sweet, loving, playful boy. He loves one on one with the people he knows and warms up to others. He is a larger boy - ~28lbs and 17" at the shoulders. He is healthy, happy, and well adjusted to a multidog/busy household.  His play group includes an intact male and 2 intact females.  He is tolerant of puppy antics and partakes in their shenanigans.  He has basic obedience training and performs flawlessly.  Ben is also housetrained.  The PERFECT scenario for Ben is a retired owner (he loves men) who does not need to go to dog parks and doesn't have random people walking in the house unannounced. 



Regardless of whether a puppy is a show prospect or companion, we only place in companion homes and only with people who want them to be an integral part of their family.   Our intent is to provide you with a wonderful, healthy, and loving companion you can be proud of.  That is so much more important to us than any ribbon could ever be.  Please note that we do reserve the right to refuse placement. 
Deposit (25%) can be made out to: Susan Schultz and mailed to:
Susan Schultz
307 Kelly Hill Rd 
Stacyville, Maine 04777
We strongly encourage you to visit our home.  Whether for a visit or to pick up your puppy, please make every effort to be on time or early.  Our puppies and dogs do jump up when greeted so be prepared.  

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