"EXCEEDING THE STANDARD"
"Breeding Best in Show Tibetan Terriers for temperament, health, structure, and natural versatility."
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We are not a kennel proper, but we do have facilities that are subject to State and AKC inspection in addition to our home and property.  We welcome your visit to see for yourself the environment in which our dogs are raised.  Photos only give a glimpse of the bigger picture.  This page is under construction and will be finished soon.
About 1/3 of the grooming room - where we spend most of our time! 
Sleeping quarters.  Everyone has a 4x3x3' kennel to get some undisturbed shut eye or chewie toy time in.  In March we are having built in vinyl sleeping "rooms" (4x4) installed. The benefit of the latter is that they are less like kennels and more like cabins and very easy to clean!

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