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Meet Our Pumik!

We are thankful to the breeders of Jez, Nemes and Casper for entrusting us with such precious cargo.  Pumik are high energy dogs that need exercise and more importantly - a job.  While they are totally adorable, the need the right owner who is able to provide adequate exercise - both mental and physical.  

If you are looking for a Pumi puppy, please be cautioned that there is an individual in South Texas who has sought to purchase $300-$400 pumik puppies overseas with the soul intent of breeding.  Anyone who cares so little about the quality of foundation stock will care little about breeding ethics and placement practices.  While we are not currently breeding, we will gladly refer you to the HPCA or a reputable breeder nearest you.

Karizma N TriSong's Naughty By Nature

champion pointed
Breeder:  Marilyn Funke - Karizma
PLL/DM Clear

Pisili-Kocós Nemes
champion pointed
Breeder: Holdampf Dóra - Pisili-Kocós of Hungary
PLL/DM Clear

Italianstyle Casper RATI
champion pointed - with 1 major!
Breeder:  Aurora Levinson - Italianstyle,  Padua, Italy
Born 8/4/16
PLL/DM Clear
Casper went Best of Breed from the puppy class (6mths) winning his first major his second time in the ring.  The phenomenal little boy is a true show dog and we are excited for his future!  He recently qualified in Barn Hunt Instinct to earn his RATI title. 


Felalo-Fulu Alice
Our new little love!
PLL/DM Clear

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