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   About TriSong Tibetan Terriers      Rescue Dogs Available
We currently have 2 rescues available - 1 "TT" - Pepper - and 1 "Lhasa" - Steve - both were found on the streets of South Houston - together.  We think that they are from the same home.  Both have been loved and cared for in the past and do not seem to be afraid or have any negative experience that would affect temperament.  Both boys are heartworm positive, but not symptomatic.  They are very healthy overall and have been treated every 2 weeks with Heartgard Plus since their entry into our program and HW diagnosis early Spring of 2016.  Heartgard Plus takes a bit to kill the worms, but it does so safely with no ill effects.  

Steve is to the left in the photo below.  He is a golden lhasa - stocky boy - loves to be the boss of everyone.  He loves loves loves to be spoiled.  Pepper is the TT in the middle of the photo.  Pepper is about 6 yrs old.  He is so very, very sweet and playful.  He absolutely loves stuffed toys (or anything he can find to take the place of a toy!)  and is always seen carrying one around the yard.  

We would love to place both boys together, but it isn't required.  Wherever they go, they will need their heartworm meds every 2 weeks until they get a negative on their testing.  Heartgard Plus is inexpensive (about $10/mth) and easy to give. 


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