"EXCEEDING THE STANDARD"
"Breeding Best in Show Tibetan Terriers for temperament, health, structure, and natural versatility."
   About TriSong Tibetan Terriers      Retired - Our Past
Our past really was the key to our success now and will be key in the future.  We took a lot of time to find the best foundation kids.  We ignored color, but concentrated on temperament, health, and reputation of breeders.  We wanted to work with honest breeders who stood by their breeding decisions and who disclosed potential issues in their lines.We ended up with a solid, healthy, amazingly versatile foundation!  While they may not be with us now, we still see Brit and Lexi in every one of their babies and grandbabies.  Lexi has produced innumerable therapy babies, and they have produced the same.  Brit - the boy I loved like no other - shines through in each of his babies/grandbabies eyes.  Silly things like pottying at the speed of light only to want to go back inside for dinner instead of playing must be genetic because grandbabies do it exactly like granddaddy Brit did - and they never met.    Each one of our retirees, whether old or young, has brought so much to our program.    We are so very proud of each and every one of them.  Many have moved on to amazing forever homes where they have a couch cushion all their own.  Although it tears us apart every time one of them leave, it is one of the most unselfish gifts we can give them.