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Latest Show News.....
Dani finishes her CH at the Glen Rose TX show 1/2012 with Handler David Harper!  Over the moon excited!!!
Ali - TriSong's Are You Ready for This - picks up 2 majors at the tender age of 7mths at the Glen Rose shows 1/2012 - handler David Harper.  This girl will do some damage!
Bolt picks up 2 majors and 2 singles in Glen Rose!  Thank you David and Jennifer Harper!
Seren picks up 1 more (3) major at the Orlando shows 12/2012 while Bolt - TriSong's Greased Lightening - gets his first 2 pts. Handler David Harper
Seren does some damage at the Tucson shows 11/2012 - taking 2 (3) point majors and 1 (4) major with new handler David Harper
We have a new handler!  David Harper!  We are excited to have someone so wonderful with the dogs, so professional, so perfect in the ring - so very close to our home!  We look forward to working with them!
FooFoo finishes her CH :)
Foo Foo goes WB/BOW at the TTCA National Speciality - owner handled - for 5 pt major!  We are SO proud of our Foo!  Same show - CH Brit gets Best Veteran Dog - only ever owner handled by mom.  
Dani is out with the Olivera's - undefeated - picking up 9 pts and 1 major in 2 weekends!  April 2012

Trudie has been invited to Eukanuba 2011.  She will be shown by her Junior.  Until that time, we will be taking a break from the show ring.
Exit is a Champion!

GCH TriSong's Breakin' All the Rules - Trudie  - Group 2 Lima Ohio (7/2)


GCH TriSong's Breakin' All the Rules - Trudie -BIS/3 G1s/1G2 in 2 show weekends – Birmingham


CH TriSong Colorin' Outside of the Lines - Scribble G3 - Beaumont 


Ivyglenn Frilly White Foo-Foo - "Foo" - Foo picked up a major at the Crowne Point, IN show 4/16/2011


Foo Foo was also WB BOS All 3 Days at Spindletop - Beaumont, TX - Owner Handled


Trudie - G2 in Starkville, MS  - here first weekend back off break


Scribble - G4 at Non-Sporting Speciality - Nolan River- first time as a Special.


Trudie gets AOE at Eukanuba!! 


Trudie goes G3 in Montgomery AL 11/28/10 - under Judge M. Purkhiser - handled by Ellen!


Trudie gets an impressive G4 in Marietta, GA 10/29 - thanks bunches handler Ellen Perry!


Trudie goes BB and gets her GCH in GA 10/28. 



Humble, TX - "Exit" TriSong's In Through the Out Door was WD, BW; Felony was WB, and Kiwi was RWB. 

Humble, TX - CH Trisong Colorin' Outside of the Lines -"Scribble"finishes with WD, BS. Exit was RWD.


TriSong's Ain't No Miss-Demeanor"Felony" went WB, BW for her first point. Judge said she was a "very beautiful puppy"...award enough! Kiwi (Caerlaverock Ampo Pema) was RWB.


CH "Trudie" wins Breed both days at Murfreesboro, TN (10/3-4) and goes G3 on the 4th handled by Ellen Akers Perry.  Thank you Judge E. Whitley 


Scribble gets both his majors in Prescott - going BB over a Special both days!  Thank you Susie and Jorje Olivera!

Trudie gets another Group 2with tough N/S competition in New Mexico (3/18) under Judge Donna Buxton, handled by Susie Olivera...thank you to both Susie and Judge Buxton!!!

Trudie debuts on Canine Chronicles All Breed stats at #9!!!

Trudie does it AGAIN!!! WB/BOB 4/9/10 - Kachina show - Glendale AZ ...Still undefeated!

And Again....Trudie Goes WB/BOB 4/10 and 4/11 to finish her CHAND gets back to back Group 2s!!!

And again....CH Trudie goes BOB 4/11
Tucson Arizona.... March 26-28 2010
TriSong Breakin' All the Rules - "Trudie" goes WB all 3 days picking up 2 majors along the way.  Trudie is a perfect combination of her mom Piper and dad - Brit.  She is on the fast path to becoming a CH!  Thank you Susie Olivera for presenting our Trudie so beautifully! 

Scribble does it again....Houston-Galveston Shows 3/20 and 3/21 2010:  WD/BOW (1pt) and WD/BOS (2pts) over a Special - owner handled.

at the same shows his sister...

TriSong Breakin' All the Rules "Trudie"  - only here second time away from home - WB/BOW for 2pts - LOVE this girl!!  Owner handled.

TriSong's Coloring Outside of the Lines - "Scribble" WD, BOW 2 days - Scottsdale AZ - thank you Curtiss!

Longview, TX - 7/25 - Coale WD - 3pt major, 7/26 - Coale WD 3pt major to finish - CH TriSong's Black in a Flash - Thank you Lois DeMers!!

Reliant Shows - quick spot - Karma's first time in a building, in a show ring, around loads of people - ended up looking like a little pro the 3rd day.  She now has 3 pts going WB all 3 days.  Coale - 1 more pt - WD, BOW, Best BB on Sunday. 

OK City (6/28) - Apollo (a Brit baby) who just turned 10 mths old - is a new CH!! - WD, BW, BS 4pt major - Judge Keke Kahn - handled by Lois DeMers.  What an awesome weekend!!!

OK City (6/27) -Lyriq (Hollister x Lexi)  is a CHAMPION!!! - WB/BW 5 pt major - finishing with 4 majors - this gives Hollister and Lexi (sire and dam of Lyriq and Coale) their ROM!!  Judge: Harry Smith - Thank you Lois!!

OK City (6/26) - Coale (Hollister x Lexi) - WD - 5 pt Major 
BEAUMONT KC(4/26) - Lyriq - BB - 2pts, Coale!! -  WD, BS - 2pts.  Brother and sister showed very well today!

BAYTOWN KC(4/25) - Apollo - WD, BW, BB - 2 pts - picking away at the singles :)

Colorado: Terry-All (4/11) - Lyriq - WB, BW for her 3rd major in a row!! Thanks to Lyriq's Handler - Lois DeMers!

Navasota - Brazos Valley: Saturday (3/28) - Apollo - WD, BOW, BOS 1pt, Lyriq WB

Sunday (3/29): 
Apollo WD, BOS 3 pt major, Lyriq WB, BOW3 pt major - both owner handled

:  Sunday - 3/15 - Lyriq WB BOW 3 pt Major - handled by Lois DeMers

Saturday - 3/14 -
Justice WD BOS 3pt major NEW CHAMPION 

San Antonio: Thursday - 3/5 -Becks WD, BOS, 3pt major; and our NEW CHAMPION Zoie WB, BOW 3 pt major - Thank you to Beck's and Zoie's handler  - Lois DeMers!! Congrats and thanks to Zoie's co-owner Shannon Shetler of Ivyglenn.

Friday - 3/6 - NEW CHAMPION Becks WD BOW BOS 3 pt major - Becks finishes with 3 back to back majors - thanks to Beck's handler - Kimberlee!

Saturday - 3/7 -Apollo WD, BOW, BOS - Apollo gets his 1st major at 6 mths old - first weekend in the ring - thanks to his handler Kimberlee!

Sunday - 3/8 - Justice WD, BOW, BOS for Justice's first major - 1 more 3 pt major to finish!!