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This page is new to our website.  We thought it would be helpful to share ALL the comments we receive.  It will take a bit of time to catch up on this...until we can get everyone posted, please see what the most recent forever homes are saying.Please see our BLOG for the most recent comments and photos!

Dear Susan and Marty,
I cannot thank you enough for saving the life of our Ditto. I never imagined that a dog breeder would go to such great lengths to support the life of the dog that they bred and ensure that it was able to remain in its forever home, but you both stand behind the incredible dogs that you breed!  I've owned a few dog breeds in my life but I've never bonded with a breed or a particular dog the way I
 and my whole family has bonded with Ditto. Tibetan Terriers are truly the most endearing breed of dog I've ever met. Ditto is a true clown, and makes us all laugh on a regular basis. I love her to pieces, and consider her our "third child". Though she had only been a part of our family for about 10 months when she became ill we were all devastated that we couldn't financially do what was needed to save her lifeThe thought of losing her was heartbreaking and I will never forget your kindness and generosity for saving her. She is now almost two months beyond that surgery day and it is beyond joy to see our Ditto fully recovered and acting like her clownish, sweet self.  I knew we had Ditto back when I went to use the ice machine on our refrigerator and at the first sound of the ice Ditto came running and parked herself right next to me waiting for her ice too. It was her regular routine, but I hadn't seen her do this since before she was ill, and I started crying because I was so thrilled that she was her old self again!  So thank you, a thousand times, thank you from our hearts and Ditto's too!

-Bree, Travis, Ellie and Langley

Dear Original Mom...

My mommy wants to thank you for bringing me into the world and taking such
good care of me, so that we could be so happy together. Life is the same,
still love Lola and we tussle like puppies pretty much every day. On
weekends, we play with Cousin James. Phew, he's a crazy guy. My mommy thinks
he's like the kid that comes to the frat party waving a six-pack yelling,
"PAAAARTEEEE!" He and I don't play so much because Lola and I hang. But
James and our friend Pinot have a great time together. Sometimes all four of
us get going around the park racing like the wind.

My health is great. The raw food diet I've been on seems to have cleared up
a few pesky issues. (I was getting ear infections there a couple of years

I don't remember if mommy sent you this, but in case she didn't, it's me and
Lola doing what we do. All the time.

Your birthday boy Trav
 Traveler CA

Hi Sue and Marty,
Well we are in week two and our boy is really going up quickly. I cannot believe how much he has changed in such a short time. He really is becoming such a good little man. He has been nearly perfect in his potty training (1 mistake in 10 days is not too bad, thanks for that...he even hates Peepee pads so much he just tears them to he is indignant that we don't trust him), he is VERY good on the leash, he no longer frets (or drools) on car rides and does not mind them in the least, he is great with bathes, he sleeps through the night and goes into his crate without any fuss and, most importantly, he came through with flying colors at his first CA vet visit. The vet said that our boy was in "perfect" health and took his shots without any fuss at all.
All that said, there is a giant ceramic cat at the vets. Bayou could not get his head around that the cat was not real and spent his time at the vets barking at it. Also, there is not a leaf, twig or blade of grass that that dog does not does not try and eat. He has a cast iron stomach. We discourage it as much as possible, but he still tries and eat everything. Our second week has found him teething so everything is going up a bit higher on the shelves. He has also done a bit of traveling. The beach, various places where we eat outside, the Dana Point pier, and both of our work places he has already visited. He is a real charmer. He is a great dog and already a member of the family. Thanks for everything...

I just wanted to let you know that I am pretty certain that I have the best dog in the world. Watson, is fantastic. He is such a sweet dog and so much fun. People are stunned everywhere I go that he is so sweet, adorable and well behaved.
Thank you for breeding and raising a joy of a dog!
Watson (Frisco) CO

Good morning Susan,
Just thought you'd like to know we had Derby neutered last Friday and he's doing very well. A real trouper with his Elizabethan collar. Today is the last day he has to wear it, and I'm happy for him. I know he was a little shy of his 6 month birthday, but our Vet felt he was close enough to it and would be fine. His mounting was beginning to be on a major upswing, hormones must have flooded in , big time  and we didn't want to postpone the inevitable.
He's a real comedian, always entertaining. We've had him to an obedience class and he did very well, although his recall is slipping a little. His adolescent independence is evident, so lots of positive practice going on right now. He does very well at a doggy day care too, seems to enjoy going every once and a while. We only needed him to be there once, but he enjoyed it so much, that we brought him back a few times to play and socialize.
Just curious, have you placed Snickers yet? I think of him often, wish we could have gotten both of them. Maybe someday we'll be back for a little girl to join our family. Another comedian and playmate for our little guy.
Hope all is well with you and your families, both human and canine. We're glad every day we found you and your wonderful TTs. Going to the Houston dog show to see the Tibetans on Friday, and to shop for our baby.
Derby The Woodlands, TX

Susan – just wanted you to know that Jaiet is becoming a little geologist/Rockhound! I took her with me on our San Juan County Gem & Mineral Society field trip to two sites near Cuba, New Mexico on Saturday. Jaiet was fantastic. She charmed everyone – adults, kids and other dogs. Everyone asked what kind of dog she was, and so the story of her adoption was told several times. We both came home covered in dust, tired and happy! Jaiet now has a standing invitation to come on any and all field trips – and that including riding in other people’s vehicles because my little car couldn’t make it on those roads. I love her more every day and she still makes me laugh every day. What a wonderful treasure she is to me. Hugs and kisses from us both!

Christine and Jaiet - NM

Hi Susan! I just wanted to check in and let you know that Lucy is the most adorable, amazing, wonderful creature I have ever experienced. She is doing so well in both Puppy Agility and Obedience training. She is a happy, friendly, wicked smart little dog and we love her more and more everyday. She is also very entertaining and so much fun. Everywhere we go all the dogs want to play with Lucy and all the owners admire her and want to know all about the breed (most have never heard of TTs). I have attached a recent picture and will send you video of her at the park and in agility class soon. Hope all is well in your world! Best regards, --Leslie
Lucy Austin TX

Subject: RE: Coale


I did, thanks!  He is the sweetest dog I have ever known!! He is also a gentleman. ..waits to be invited on the bed, waits for me to get down the stairs…I can’t say enough about his good qualities.  He is fun, loving, smart – and on and on.  He loves to go in the car and see new sights.  Saturday he will meet 4 of the grandkids.  More fun!

Coale - IL

It is going GREAT!! 
Susan, all I can say is you did an amazing job raising her. She is perfect in every way. Not one complaint. The easiest, sweetest, most loving AND fun loving dog I've ever had. And so well behaved. She is sweet and kind yet confident in achieving what she desires. For example:
Second day, she pushed Jaco away from his food bowl so she could eat the food! (We weaned her to the venison and rice for sensitive tummies...uh, she LOVES grain!! And it's agreeing with her...doesn't miss a meal!)
Jaco on sofa, Pearl jumped on top of him and he jumped off...she sat where she wanted!!
Stealing antlers from Winona constantly...and getting away with it! That never happens!!She had been sleeping in our room at night. We knew it was really going well when I went to move her bed from J & W's room into our room the other night and she stood and cried. She wanted to stay and sleep with her new pack. She now shares a bedroom with J & W!
Just beyond what we ever hoped for in a doggy...we adore and love her to pieces Susan. 
 ...And, everyone who has met her is in love with her...
We feel so fortunate to have her...
I ordered all of the grooming supplies you use...hoping to keep her coat nice and shiny and long! 
The vet does need the updated rabies certificate though. Do you have the 2013?? 
Hope that you're well...I saw the new Flickr pics of puppies...they are stunning...I don't know how you do it! 
Please, let's keep in touch. I had so much video footage, so I just did a Flip Magic Movie...Enrique has a great video of them playing and soon as I can send it, I will...Pearl in action!! She runs and plays hard and fast!!
Thanks again, Susan...for everything...
Pearl (fka Kindle) CA

Getting along fabulously! We couldn't be happier. Two big babies, we love them both so much. Not one issue to report. I think Widget settled in much easier than Finn did. We are changing his name to Sawyer to go with Finn. Thanks so much for everything Susan! You breed beautiful, wonderfully tempered little boys. I will continue to give you updates.

All the best!
Lisa and family
The boys - Finn and Sawyer (fka Jack and Widget) MA

My real message is one of deep gratitude.  Cochi is a blessing.  Thank you Susan.

Ciao and blessings. Nooy
(Nooy lost her battle with cancer in 2012 - she was one of the warmest people I have ever met)
Cochi - NM/MA

Hi Susan:
  Bond is great.  He has adjusted, I think, rapidly to his new environment and is beginning to show more of his personality.  He eats well (Fromm Salmon &Veggies), sleeps well (through the night, as far as I can tell --- his bed is beside mine), plays with his toys, comes when called or wants a hug, knows the meaning of "No -- not yours" (usually when picking up my bedroom slipper), made friends at the dog park (Penney the Norwich Terrier is his current favorite), and is every thing I hoped he would be.  I can't thank you enough for letting me have him.
Bond - VA

Dear Original Mom—

As you know, I just turned 2, and life is sweet, although it’s been hot here. My posse tells me this is unusual for San Francisco, but we make do. I thought you might like to see pictures of me and my best pal Lola taken on my birthday at the dog park. Everybody arfed Happy Birthday to me, and it was fun.

We have a standing playdate every day at 4:00, and I love the whole 4:00 posse (McDuffy, another TT, Rhea, Daisy and Molly), but my heart belongs to Lola. She and I play for hours. We never get tired of snarling at each other and relieving one another of tufts of fur and rolling in the dirt in a giant tangle, unless I take it into my head to start a huge race around the edges of the dog park. Everybody usually joins in. In one of these photos I’m doing my famous High 10, but the guy who with the camera (Lola’s dad) wasn’t fast enough to catch my action. I’m fast. Also, they call me Mr. Gregarious at the dog park, and Lola’s dad always snuggles me and whispers in my ear that I’m the dog he really wanted. Lola doesn’t like to snuggle. Which is fine by me, since she loves to play. I think he’s kidding anyway.

Mom is also teaching me to fetch my toys by name. I have Chicken Little down pat. Froggie I get lots of times. The others, not so much. But I’ll get better.


We got home Tuesday...never in a million years would I have expected her to be as good traveling as she was.

Slept in the crate all 3 nights on the road right by me...never a whimper...slept on a pillow snuggled against one of us in the back seat on the road in her blanket...pottied in the grass at rest stops...ate in the morning and at night in the hotel.  Drank water on the road as she wanted in her new travel bowl...OK, I may have given her a few grain free chicken treats on the road.  It was her reward for being so good.

Ran around crazy in the back yard when we arrived home...and now has settled into the family room as you can tell.  ;-). She stares at the puppy in the fireplace glass...she thinks it is Justice or Spangle, I think.    :-(

We thank you and Marty so much for all you did to get Savannah to where she is today.  She is incredibly wonderful.  I am so so glad I did not go back to ... because there is a tremendous difference.  Sierra had a wonderful personality and was a fantastic companion, but she was not the specimen of a dog like Savannah is.

I will send good pictures not from my I pad...

Thanks again ...
(Savannah lives in CA)

Just wanted to thank you again for Justice "Guiness", aka, "Gus".  He is such a doll! His first 2 nites were unbelievably easy.... no crying! I think his blanket helps. Crate training is going well. He is so smart! 
Again, thank you..... we love Gus so much!
(Gus - Houston TX)

Hi Susan,


Sorry for the delays… I was out in California all week.  Thank you for sending this along for our records.


Charlie is doing great; he has yet to meet a stranger and is FULL of energy.  He is doing really well with his potty training; even starting to ring the bell to go outside when he needs too.  He is also doing well with basic sit, stay, come type of commands.  We are working with him right now to stop his biting and all have bloody hands and arms to prove it!  Wow, those baby teeth are sharp.  Any suggestions of what does or doesn’t work in that regard would be greatly appreciated.


Again, he is absolutely amazing and everyone just loves him.  He has a BIG personality and I believe we already have 4 or 5 different families considering getting a Tibetan Terrier in the future.

 (Charlie, Austin TX)

Hi Susan,

I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how happy Snickers is, and how overjoyed I am to have him as my constant companion.

My job transferred me to Austin, so Snickers is always riding back and forth from Houston to Austin with me until we are permanently settled in Austin. He's the office mascot and everyone adores him.

He is 100% house trained and losing his puppy teeth (I've found and saved four of them). He's still learning or at least testing the word "no," but is wonderfully behaved puppy.

Thank you so much!
Snickers, TX

Derby just back from the beauty parlor. The groomer said he did very well for his first visit. He's quite the comedian, keeps us going, that's for sure. He's gone to daycare a couple of times and plays well with the other dogs, not shy at all. We've also taken him to 2 obedience classes so far,and that's coming along as well. We just love him a bunch, thanks again for our beautiful baby.

Derby - TX

Hi, Susan ... thanks for the picture of Slate.
Miss Pistachio is wonderful.  Here is a link for some pictures: 109870010782229338078/ ZoeyPistachio?authuser=0&
Her full name is now Zoey Pistachio Curtin-Edwards at the Vet's office.  She checked out perfectly. 
She is so much fun ... full of life, very inquisitive about her new home and surroundings.  She now has 3 toys which she insists on hiding ... prefers outdoors. She gives the cutest little cries of frustration until she finds just the right place.  [Later, we secretly bring them back inside].  The next day she does, in fact, check to see if they are still there ... sometimes even checks some of the other places where she previously hid them. 
Gunner has been great ... they play well together ... and he is very tolerant of her penchant for pulling his tail, ears, and beard.  However, when she gets too relentless, both he and Demi seek refuge on the leather sofas which she is not yet able to reach.  Little do they realize it's just a matter of days before this strategy won't work anymore.
Demi, as anticipated, has been more difficult.  Sometimes they get along very well and have fun playing together, but there are other times when Demi snaps at her. Hopefully this will dwindle over time. 
Lee absolutely loves Zoey Pistachio ... they cuddle and kiss and play together frequently.  Two days ago he had 6 bandages on his hands (he's on blood thinners and bleeds easily) but insists that he's teaching her to be more gentle with him.
With your early October departure, I'll have to talk to you soon regarding arrangements for Slate as we have to book his flight here 2 weeks in advance.
In the meantime, hope all is going well for you and Marty ... Joan.
Slate, Pistachio, and Demi - Greensboro, NC

Nova is doing so good!  I am totally in love with her.  She is so sweet but also has spunk.  The correct amount of each.  She and Meiko are great together and share toys (which is amazing).  She's doing pretty good at potty training (pees outside most of the time) but is not getting that the other should be done outside too.  She sits perfectly on command and comes RUNNING when I call her!  She is perfect.  Thanks so much.  Hope you enjoy the pics.  They are mostly taken after she has done her marathon run all over the yard and is tired. More later.

Nova and Coale - IL

Good Afternoon Susan and Martin:

       During our family celebration of Mother's Day our
daughter-in-law took some photos of Mr. Boomer also.
       We are passing one of them on for your enjoyment.
It seems as though he has always been with us and we
enjoy his playful antics every day.  His temperment is
loving and playful with everyone.  Thanks for breeding
such wonderful TTs.
Boomer TX

Hi Susan,

I wanted to let you know that Ryder passed his CGC test today. We are so proud of him. He is a wonderful little guy and we love him so much. People are always stopping us to ask what kind of dog he is and they comment on how beautiful he is. Thank you for raising such wonderful dogs.
Ryder, Mesa, AZ

Hi Susan,

Just to let you know, we took Pearl to visit my Dad in his nursing home yesterday. She was amazing in that setting! She was calm and sweet and perfectly behaved and let the residents and staff pet and love her. She made a lot of people very happy; lots and lots of smiles! Residents who I'd never spoken to told me stories about their own dogs while they were holding Pearl. My father fell in love with her. She is a special, special girl.
Pearl - CA

Hi Susan,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Finn (Jack) and Sawyer
(Widget). Our boys are doing fantastic!!! They are best buddies and
get along so well together. We love them both so much. My husband and
I spent our valentines day dinner (last night) discussing how lucky we
are to have two such wonderful dogs that are such a big part of our
family. We love the breed so much, and even though Finn and Sawyer
have such different personalities they are both so gentle and sweet
that we vowed to always have Tibetans in our lives (this is huge for
me being a big dog person, but I am absolutely smitten with them!) I
cannot thank you enough for raising such wonderful little boys.

Hope you have a great day!
Finn and Sawyer - MA

We are absolutely overcome with and in total love with Slider.  He is so very intelligent--learns immediately almost as if he always knew the command. We feel like the immensely proud parents of a prodigy in kindergarten rather than obedience school.
We are considering agility training.  He is more of a "Glider" than a "Slider" as he glides effortlessly regardless of whether the action is a pace or run. Perhaps his career should have been show dog as well.
We will hopefully send some photos soon.  He is taller and longer.  His coat is growing and he's so handsome.
People constantly stop us dead in our tracks and comment  that he is so beautiful and handsome.
 Slider - TX

Hi Susan,
Took Annie to my vet today, and he is very pleased with her. Everything seems fine, and we'll start her on Heartgard as soon as the lab results get back. When was her last dose? Has she had topical flea treatment lately? I usually apply to Sum Sum on the 15th of each month. 
We have scheduled her surgery for September 21st and I'll keep you posted on that.
Meanwhile, she is doing remarkably well. She was so scared and timid on Saturday, but no more. She seems to have bonded quickly, and now growls or snaps at Sum Sum whenever she gets close to me (oops!) but we are working on that. They have played together a bit and are doing fine with food and toys, so I guess they'll work out the possessiveness issue. Annie is surveying her domain (it's pretty large for such a small girl) and is still a little confused, but mostly seems spunky and happy. She's very mellow, all things considered. No barking yet, so she's not all that sure of herself, but when I take her out to the lawn she runs from front door to front gate, back to front door, through the house to the back door, and back again to the front often, like she is figuring it all out. She measures the back yard when we are there as well. Kinda funny. Upstairs seems confusing, but I don't have to carry her up and down anymore. I just shut a lot of doors and keep her with me so she doesn't get completely overwhelmed.
She doesn't like her crate at night but has done very well in bed with me. I've never met such a cuddly dog! So sweet. We got her a harness yesterday and have started working on using a lead. She's learning to come when called - very smart girl. She's also getting adjusted to the time change, although we did get up at 5:30 this morning (better than 4!)
Hope that helps put your mind at ease. It will take a little time I know, but she seems to be adapting beautifully. I love her already.

Annie in CA

She's doing great!  Her markings are very pretty and very easy to see because she hates being brushed. She doesn't mind being bathed or trimmed so I keep her in a puppy cut.  She is very calm and quiet.  She likes to be close to her people.  She absolutely loves my daughter and my aunt and stands at the door and whines when they leave.  She loves to meet new people and show off her toys.  Do you ever host a Trisong reunion?  I know Brees would love to see you and some of her TT friends?
Brees -  IN

Hi Susan! Ok, this baby is just too good to be true! We are loving her so much and she is now part of the pack. People cannot believe her calm nature and how well she blended in with our family. So well adjusted and calm.

Because friends have asked, and we would also like to know...what makes her so special? Is it part of the breeding? Were her litter mates this way as well? Right now, as she is, I could take her to visit my dad in his nursing home and would feel totally comfortable letting other people interact with her. I've never had a dog like this before. Enrique has even taken her into cafe's where they usually don't let dogs in...they let her in!!

We find her to be an observer...and a bit of a dreamer; an outsider looking in.  I think if she were human, she would be a writer!! We have potted plants in a shady area and one has long thin leaves hanging over...she will go behind the leaves and lean against the pots, all the while biting at the leaves or pawing at them, perfectly content. Maybe that's it, she is content...all the time!! Loves laying on the sofa, looking out the window...and we do pick her up and carry her more than intended!

But when she plays, she is fast, agile and very funny! Jaco and Winona are pretty rough; sometimes she'll keep up with them and other times will walk away and lay in the sun! We just want to make sure she is happy...! Was this her behavior when she was with you?

We would just like to get to know our girl better from your point of view!! We feel so very fortunate to have her.

Thanks Susan...hope you are well...

Hi Susan,
Just thought I'd drop you a line to tell you that Annie is doing just fine. She is probably always going to be a bit skittish, but she's an absolute love and I enjoy having her with me - always right there. She's exactly the friend and companion I hoped she would be. We are having lots of fun. My husband got her some agility equipment, just for fun, for Christmas, and even built her a teeter! We haven't done too much as she still needs some obedience training (she's not as good off leash as she is on), but it's fun when we do work with the equipment. She's very good on leash, a perfect lady and very responsive. We really may take her to classes soon at Zoom Room. I'm not so interested in competing in agility, but I think it would help her socialization and confidence. We had to put it off as I recently had a little surgery on my ankle, but Annie was the best "nurse" ever, laying right by my foot, on in my lap, or on my shoulder, and giving me sweet kisses. I'm starting to get around again and she is looking forward to more walks - as am I.
Just thought I'd let you know she's found a very happy home and we love her very much. If I were you I'd want to know.

Hi Susan,
The transition has been almost seamless.  He has just made himself right at home and both dogs are getting along famously.  He's eating well - loves the Orijen kibble and so does Izzie, so that made it easy.  I've been giving them a little cut up chicken and a small amount of Evanger's canned food - duck, pheasant, etc. in the evening to supplement  and he loves that.  No tummy problems at all.
(Dewey - 9mth old placement - CA)

I thought I would send you a picture of the puppies.  They are hanging out with me in my home office today in their new doggie beds.  They continue to sleep all night in their crates without any accidents which is great!  Our boys just can't get enough of them and they are adjusting very well to their new home and yard.  They seem very happy and we are so happy with them!

Zachary is still quite a bit bigger than Kate which we expect to continue.  I have never seen a dog eat as fast as he does.  She is much more deliberate and we have been able to coach him to not eat her food before she is finished.  They play outside together every day and clearly are very close.  While getting two siblings has come with some additional challenges, we believe it is worth it.

Thank you again for selecting us!

 (Kate and Zachary - brother and sister - Austin, TX)

Hi Susan,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that Joey (RiLee) is doing great! He is such a joy and always seems to be smiling. We just finished up a 5 week beginner training class where he quickly learned commands and tricks – he’s so smart! He goes to doggy daycare once a week (at the same place we took the classes) and they completely love him too! I’ve attached a photo of his first day at daycare – isn’t he cute?
Potty training at home was a bit tricky for the first 5-6 weeks but he or we finally seam to have a routine with no accidents. I’ve got an appointment with the vet next week, last week he weighed in at 21lbs and I’m pretty sure he’s put on weight since then.
Thank you so much  – he was the best Christmas present ever!
Joey in MN

Update re: Slider
He is absolutely wonderful and we adore him.  All his little peccadilloes are totally funny. Slider sleeps with his adoptive parents on pillows between his Mom and Dad. He has acquired a supply of toys kept in a felt type box.  He will take his toys from the box as he wants. When we pick up his toys for the night, he goes to retrieve those he wants to have as he sleeps and will usually bring 3 to 4 toys to our bed.
We need to advise you he does have an appreciation for the value of a dollar and for saving in general.  Keith noticed him one day with a $20 bill in his mouth and watched as he deposited it on a pile of other bills-denominations of ones, fives and twenties in a neat little pile under the couch in the dining room. Our son had been implying his money appeared to be disappearing from the place on his desk on a compartment designed to hold keys and other items. Of course,Michael's concerns were not taken very seriously until the "stash" was found.
Slider is now very long and much larger than when we adopted him last Spring.  He now weighs 30 pounds. Slider very much enjoys going to "Doggie Day Care" in Porter several times during the week.  We were fortunate to have located a program that allows for the doggies to play together. This allows for exercise as well as socialization.  He has completed 2 obedience classes and will probably start an agility class.
He initially would drool when in the car.  Well, that's old news.  He loves the car and adores going on short errands and to and from school. He hasn't had any issues with drooling since the first few days we had him.
Slider is really a "glider" because he glides when he is in motion. He moves with effortless grace and poise.
Slider has added so much to our lives. You are raising such wonderful doggies!

Hi Susan - I just wanted to send you this picture of Sophie.  Oh my goodness how she has changed our world.  
She is doing so so good.  She is a good girl, so fun, so funny, obeys great - my buddy.  
She has learned things really easy and fast.  She is retrieving toys, sits on command, stays on command is getting better, doing perfect on walks, and even learning to make friends with another dog (my friends boarder collie - we sometime walk together).  Sometimes I think she should be doing agility - she has such fun and seems to make her own course.  haha.

She loves my Dad, which is so wonderful - he adores her too.  She is perfect in the car and loves to go everywhere.  With her long hair she needs a brush every night and is wonderful - even with her baths.

She really is my buddy, takes every step I take and sits when I sit - she has warmed up to my husband too.  Not so wild to go to anyone else but she is sweet, i think just a little scared and maybe a little more adjusting.

Thanks so much!!!
Sophie - TX

A glimpse of one of our certified Therapy girls - Mailay on the news!!
Mailey - TX

A funny thing happened ,I think you'd like to hear about. I periodically check for new pictures on your Flicker page, and yesterday I found the you tube Trisong videos.When I opened one with your voice on it talking to your dogs, Derby stopped chewing on his antler, ran across the room and zeroed in on my I Pad. He watched or paid attention to the whole video. I think he recognized your voice, his first Mommy. Somewhere something clicked and he was mesmerized.I thought it was so special.
FYI, he's 8 months , 24 lbs., not a runt anymore. The vet says he's not overweight, just a big boy now. The picture I've included was taken when he came home from the groomer with his first top knots. Dave and I thought he looked precious, but then we're nuts about him, so what else would we think?
Hope you are well and the puppies are thriving.
 Not ready for a second one yet, but you never know. Don't be surprised when we call.

He IS the best...warm, loving, always with a wagging tail.   He is the perfect size!  He has a new summer cut.  We found a Dutch groomer who only used scissors.  He's too cute.  I'll sent a pix.
Thanks again for hanging in with me!

If we didn't already have 3, we would definitely get  another Trisong baby.  Denim looks Darling!


in Bahrain
Brodee - Piper Brit baby 

The photos are just beautiful of all the puppy and to see how they have grown up so fast. Major is doing great. He was running around with Harrison, our son, and his friend today. At first major watch the baseball game...then he decided to join in took the ball and ran to all the bases and stop at home plate. It was amazing. By the time I grabbed my camera they were all laughing on the ground. You did such a wonderful job with helping us select Major to join our family. Thank you.  Michele in NY

Just a quick update.  I’ve fallen in love with Coale.  He is so sweet and polite and mischievous!  No more whining and he and Nova play and run outside and play inside too!  Nova is being nice now.  Looks like he won her over!  She lets him come up on my bed and sit on the couch.  He is more like Meiko than Nova, I think.  He does have that considerate, loving personality that Nova has.  He loves his hugs, as you said, but is not the cuddler that Nova is, but if he wants, my other shoulder is available.  He loves going for rides in the car and watching people.  We are keeping him busy and he is getting into the routine here.  I will try to take pictures this weekend.  Thanks so much for this wonderful guy!  Suzanne in IL

Thank you so much Susan but honestly if you hadn't been so supportive and I hadn't trusted you so much I don't know what would have happened. I was a little worried for a couple days there. Knowing him now though I can't imagine why!! He's doing really well. I just love his silly little personality. I really think he was the right choice for my family.  A Tibetan in general and Jack. What a wonderful breed. Not being a little dog person myself he has completely won me over with his big personality!! Im very hopeful that he will make a great therapy dog.

I will definitely keep in touch!

All the best and thanks so much for all your help,

Lisa, Max, Stella and Jack :) in MA

Over the moon madly in love with him! Thank you for breeding and raising such amazing dogs. If your other dogs are even just half as cute and half as great as Blitz they would still be the best dogs in the world. I am not surprised you had a best in show. Blitz wins best in the world in my book.
He is such a happy guy. When my husband is gone he will sleep in the bed but mostly like to sleep next to it and every morning he jumps up and says a big hello, remember me, I am your puppy!
He  gets so much attention and walks and hikes.  We have lots of play dates with other dogs.In the house Nala and Blitz do everything together. I swear they even coordinate what position they will nap in. And they have been running and playing at the park and cuddling on the couch!
He really feels like my dog (has for a while) and is very tuned in to me-if my eyes water from my contacts or I sneeze he checks to make sure I am okay.

He has the best disposition of any dog I have ever met-energetic and playful but can be mellow in the hose.  I could write pages about how great and fun he is.

House training is at 99.9%! I have been leaving him alone in the house,out of the crate for a while and he has been doing just fine lounging around with Nala. He has gotten a little independent with his recall, he always comes but it's a little more in his time frame so we are revisiting that. Any tips? i am doing 5 minute practice sessions in the house with treats and keeping him more on a leash on hikes until we get the recall sharper again.

He seems much better on the EVO. 
He loves to "shake hands" "and will do it all by himself sometimes, just holding his paw in the air waiting for me to notice!
Annie in CO
Blitz is a Brit Zoie Baby

Dear Susan,
Thanks for checking in.  It is now a "love fest" with the two of them.  Honestly, my biggest problem is stopping the play and rough-housing inside and getting them out the door to wrestle.  Oreo has decided he likes Bentley and has even allowed Bentley onto the bed.  All they do is play and tear around.
See the attached.  I almost can't believe it and am thankful for the advice, patience, and protocol in which we followed.  Many thanks for your support!
Judy in TX
Bentley is a "Chaucey" Coale baby

Hi Susan,
Your little girl was so good yesterday. Something sweet, but sad. We have an older gentleman in the neighborhood who has a small black poodle. We met while on a walk. Posh saw the dog, stopped, looked carefully, then got so excited,she couldn't wait to get over there. She was just beside herself with joy. We have met other dogs, & she has been happy, but not like this.
After we left, I realized she must have thought he was one of her litter mates :(  when she sleeps sometimes she still makes nursing noises.
Another successful night in the crate. At bedtime, she walked in by herself, & laid down.
We are totally smitten!
Cory in AZ
"Posh" is a Freesia Coale baby

She is definitely Miss Pers0nality! Everyone adores her. She loves her long walks and when we go around the block she PRANCES the whole time, and it is a long block! I have never known a more loving, snuggler.  My daughter moved back in (bad for me, good for Nova!) and Nova won her over in minutes.  She kept cuddling up to her and gave her that melting, soulful look, and she was  hooked (she is a cat person). She is still a picky eater, refusing to eat her wellness dog food unless it is laced with goodies.  Still having a problem getting off the piddle pads but hopefully when it gets warm out I will be able to see if she “goes” outside and make sure she does before she comes back in. She forgets to go because she gets involved in playing and running and investigating.  She loves the snow and it was hysterical when it was deep and she just bunny hopped OVER HER HEAD in and out of the snow and drifts.  She is absolutely fearless .She sat for hours watching me making gingerbread houses.  I put a chair next to mine at the kitchen table and she sat and watched. That’s the pic I’m sending today…  I’ll try to take some pics and send to you soon. Yesterday my son brought his 3 kids over to play and Nova was in ecstasy playing with them.  They just adopted a dog from the shelter.  The oldest (she’s the one whose pic you have with Nova when she first got here) told me she still loves Nova the best! She is the best dog I have ever had.  She’s got it all! Suzanne

Hey Susan-  Just wanted to let you know that Tashi is doing really well.  She is so beautiful.  She is active.  She is very funny.  She is about 16.5 lbs.  Her coat is really pretty in my opinion.  She loves to go for rides with us and whenever I go to the garage for something, she comes with me and waits by the car door in hopes of going some place.  She travels well in the car and is always very good.  She loves to play with her toys and she knows some of their names.  She never wants to get out of our bed and does her best to dodge us when we are trying to scoop her out.  Very Funny!

She has been really good in big crowds.  She made it to Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities with my family and was an angel both times.  My brother has a Cairn terrier who is kind of old but they played really well together.  Tashi was really good with the small kids too.  She LOVES my 80 year old mother! She is really a delight and we are so happy to have her in our home. 

The pics were taken this past weekend on the way to and at my brother’s house for Christmas.  In the last one she was looking for me when I went outside to check on Reese.  She was so funny!

Her new brothers and sisters are really cute. 

Hope that you and all of your family are well.  Take care.  fdm
Tashi - LA

Susan and Elissa
It is hard to think that James has been with us for a year now. Thanks so much to Elissa for putting us in touch with Susan and to Susan for raising such a beautiful, fun loving pup. He has been a super companion. Still Mr. Wiggle-butt when we come home (it does look like the tail is wagging the dog). We need to get a sign for him to carry on our walks -- "Yes I'm cute and I know it!" And we have solved the problem of his chewing our shoes. Now when we leave the house, my wife and I wear the only pair of shoes each of us has left.  He was very excited when we bought a new bed this fall, but we have had a hard time getting him to understand that it is a replacement for our 20 year old bed, not for his bed. He still manages to be a speed demon in the park with his doggy companions, fast enough to outrun most and agile enough to stop on a dime and let them run past when he can't.
Sorry that we missed Elissa's roundup; our daughter was in town that weekend.
Thanks again,
Ken (and James) in SF, CA

Kick is doing wonderful.  I can honestly say he is one of the best dogs I have ever seen.  SO happy, always wagging his tail, couldn't even begin to compare him to the other tibetan we had.  Loving every minute of him.
Kim in MI

...I have been trying to get a little note or something written to you since Christmas and have not had much luck.  Apollo has been such a big part of our family since he arrived. He is a pretty special guy.  He goes just about everywhere we go. We were in Texas again this past March and he was a great traveler as always. We walk almost every day and many times people will stop and ask what kind of dog he is and of course we a glad to tell them.  Well there are a million things I would love to tell you about him and how glad we are to have him but I would imagine you have heard these things before. He is very special. If you ever have someone who would like to know more about what it is like to have a TT please have them call I would glad to let them know.  I often tell people one of the things I love the most is when anyone comes to our house he is so very well behaved. You almost do not know he is there.  I better say good bye before I begin to ramble on. Once again thanks he is great.  
Dennis and Vicki in IN

Hi Susan,
I just had to let you know that your/our puppy is the smartest!  He was the star pupil in our class last night.  He did everything perfectly.  During the socializing time he was after a little black female labradoodle.  He is quite the Casanova or at least he thinks he is!!!  He also played pretty roughly with a German shepherd puppy.  He can really hold his own.  Guess he learned that in the pack.  Would you let me know about Lexi's puppies once they arrive and if there will be any companion puppies.  I am very interested in getting one of them if one is available.  Since it is her last litter, I am feeling the pressure to get one.  I know you will always have wonderful dogs but her puppies seem to be amazing although I think our little guy is pretty amazing.  Since you know Bodhi you would be able to pick the perfect one for us and for him.  We graduate on the 17th and then I think we move on to the Good Citizen classes.  He has to pass that in order to do therapy work and that is the first of a series of training classes.  So far it does not look like a problem.  One of my best friends TT just was diagnosed with Stage 5 lymphoma.  They are doing chemo because she is in better shape than Dusty was.  It is just so sad.  She got her from a breeder in Arizona so I bet there are traces back to Jeanette Chaix.  She can't find her papers so she does not know but Zoe is only 9.  So young.  It is just heartbreaking BUT she seems to be handling the chemo OK but this was just the first week.
Bodhi, CA

Hi Susan, an unqualified success. She is everything you described and more. A great dog...well behaved and a perfect match for our TT. Couldn't be happier. 

Robert in CT
Tilly is a Coale Chaucey baby